Top three tablet computers for older people

My mother has more recently struggled with using computers due to pain in her hands, and tablet devices have offered a great solution to her problems. It’s not uncommon for older people to struggle with similar issues, and that’s most likely the reason why the popularity of tablet computers has increased amongst the older generation as […]

Fun Easter Activities for All the Family

Spring signals the arrival of lighter evenings and warmer weather, but it’s also a time to celebrate Easter with the family. Easter brings plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your children and grandchildren, and whilst Easter is arriving a little late this year, this gives you extra time to prepare and make this […]

Benefits of Pets for Older People: National Pet Month 2017

If you’re an animal lover like me, you might be aware that April is National Pet Month. This period is a chance to celebrate our pets, and to spread the word about responsible pet ownership. If you’re elderly or less mobile, it’s also the perfect time to consider getting a furry friend. In this article, […]

Helping older people cope with the cold weather

February has been exceptionally chilly, with sleet and snow showers seen throughout the Leicester area and beyond. If you have older relatives, you may be worried about how they’re faring in this cold weather, both at home and outside. When looking out for older people, it sometimes can be hard to balance the act of […]

Discovering Your Family Tree

My Mum and my Aunt are both retired, and since the local bingo hall closed down, they’ve become interested in a new hobby; delving into our family history. My grandparents passed away a long time ago, so my Mum and Aunt began their journey using memories and family stories. This is how most family history […]

The Stairlift Company becomes a Which? Trusted Trader

The Stairlift Company can proudly call itself a Which? Trusted Trader, having recently passed a rigorous assessment that recognises reputable traders. Consumers across the UK can have confidence when using The Stairlift Company due to their Which? Trusted Traders endorsement. In order to become a Which? Trusted Trader, The Stairlift Company successfully passed the endorsement […]

Why You Should Consider a Reconditioned Stairlift

Do you need a stairlift but are worried about the costs? Believe it or not, a reconditioned stairlift could offer the same standards, warranties and servicing as choosing a brand new stairlift. Not only will you be receiving the same quality of product for a lower price, but you also help our fragile environment by […]

Your Guide to Wheelchair Friendly Holidays

Deciding where to go on holiday is difficult enough, but even more so if you have reduced mobility. Planning the perfect trip can therefore involve lots of research and head-scratching on your part when you have wheelchairs and accessibility to consider. Some venues that bill themselves as ‘accessible’ could prove harder to navigate than advertised, […]

How to Choose the Right Activity Tracker

There are numerous benefits to using an activity tracker, and it can give you fantastic insight on your heart rate, and your general health and fitness. It can also encourage you to keep active, slowing the decline of mobility. My Dad is 61 years old, but still fit, active and somewhat competitive about tracking his […]

Reducing Slip and Trip Hazards this Christmas

My favourite time of year is fast approaching, but Christmas is not without its hazards. With the roads and streets becoming icier, and homes becoming more hectic and cluttered, the likelihood of slips and trips will only increase. Anybody who loves and cares for somebody with mobility issues will be concerned about the effects that […]