How is a Stairlift Attached to the Stairs?

5 Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

The younger generation has grown up using the internet in daily life, including tasks such as studying, gaming, shopping, and chatting to friends. Online safety is something that may seem obvious to my generation but not as obvious to older people who are often still learning the ropes when it comes to internet usage. Unfortunately, […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your iPad

Tablets are growing in popularity amongst the older generation, most likely because they are light, portable and easy to operate. Whatever you use yours for, whether it’s Skyping the grandchildren, checking email, or taking photographs, you might be surprised to learn that iPads can do a whole host of tasks you may not have even […]

How Quickly Can You Install My Stairlift?

A question we’re frequently asked is how quickly can you install my stairlift? There are a few reasons why you might need a stairlift installing with haste. Perhaps you or your relative has suffered a fall and is now wary of stairs. Or maybe you or your relative will soon be discharged from hospital, and […]

Signs Your Ageing Parents Need Help

If your elderly parents are struggling at home but aren’t telling you, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You may be wondering what clues to look out for and what solutions are available if you discover that your parents aren’t coping as well as they used to.

6 Reasons You Should Get a National Trust Membership

One of the biggest benefits of retirement is finally having the time to explore the British countryside. My aunt and uncle have recently signed up for a National Trust membership, and they’re loving the options for days out that it’s opened up for them. The National Trust is most famous for its collection of remarkable […]

5 Must-Read Books for Autumn 2017

Summer is over, which means that it’s time to get ready for the cold, drizzly autumn to come. Here are a few must-read books that I’ve enjoyed this year, and are simply perfect for snuggling up with on a rainy afternoon. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood This summer I enjoyed the gripping TV adaptation […]

What You Need to Know About Selling Your Stairlift

Whilst stairlifts are incredibly helpful to people with mobility issues, once they’re no longer needed, people will find themselves left with a large piece of unused equipment on their hands. Luckily, if you want to get rid of an old stairlift but simply don’t know what options are available to you, this handy guide will […]

Top three tablet computers for older people

My mother has more recently struggled with using computers due to pain in her hands, and tablet devices have offered a great solution to her problems. It’s not uncommon for older people to struggle with similar issues, and that’s most likely the reason why the popularity of tablet computers has increased amongst the older generation as […]

Fun Easter Activities for All the Family

Spring signals the arrival of lighter evenings and warmer weather, but it’s also a time to celebrate Easter with the family. Easter brings plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your children and grandchildren, and whilst Easter is arriving a little late this year, this gives you extra time to prepare and make this […]