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What Happens When a Stairlift is Installed?

Posted by: The Stairlift Company · on 26th May 2016

When thinking about getting a stairlift fitted, the list of questions is almost endless. Understandably, one of the biggest causes for concern is what will happen when your stairlift is installed. Careful consideration must always be taken when making home renovations, particularly when it involves allowing someone into your home, so take a look at this guide to find out more about what will happen when your stairlift is installed.

Considerations and adjustments before installation

Once you have decided to get a stairlift fitted, there are several considerations which should be made to prepare for installation, which will be discussed with you before you make the purchase. These are to ensure that the stairlift will fit and operate safely in your home and can include:

  • Stairways at the top or bottom of the stairs which may be obstructed by the stairlift. These might require a solution such as fitting a curved stairlift, placing the stairlift track against the banister rather than the wall, or using a hinged rail which folds up out of the way when not in use.
  • A source of electricity for the stairlift, if there is not a mains outlet close to where the unit will be installed. A professional electrician will be required to do this before the stairlift can be installed.
  • Protrusions such as window sills along the stairlift’s path which may need to be cut back.
  • Handrails on the stairlift side which are in the way of the path of travel and would need to be removed.
  • If you are looking to replace your carpet in the near future, it is a good idea to do this before getting your stairlift installed. This will make fitting the carpet easier, as the stairlift will not have to be removed to allow for the carpet to be fitted.


Once you have purchased your desired model and any necessary adjustments have been made, your stairlift can be fitted. The time from purchase to fitting will depend on how long your stairlift takes to manufacture, as curved, custom or long stairlifts will take longer than a standard straight model.

Stairlift engineers

When your stairlift is ready to be installed, you will be given an appointment for when your engineer should be arriving and you should be contacted in advance if there is any change to this. As with any instance of an engineer or worker entering your home, you should make sure that the person is who they say that they are.

When they arrive, check for identification showing that they work for the company in question. If in doubt, ask them to wait outside while you confirm with the company over the phone. If they are genuine, they will be happy to wait while you do this. A straight stairlift can often be fitted by one engineer, while a curved one generally requires two.

How long does stairlift installation take?

Being quite a large piece of equipment, people often assume that a stairlift will take all day to fit, but this is not the case. The individual sections of your stairlift will be constructed and tested at the factory, so everything will be ready to go once it gets to you.

The installation time will of course vary depending on how long or complex your track is, but a standard straight stairlift can be fitted in 1-2 hours, whereas a more complicated one may take up to 4 hours. When you purchase your stairlift or book your installation time, it is worth asking for an estimate of how long it will take to install, but it shouldn’t take more than just a couple of hours.

How much damage does having a stairlift fitted cause?

Many people believe that stairlifts are attached to the walls, but they are in fact secured to the treads of the stairs and do not touch, lean on or rub against the wall behind them. The support brackets will cause a few small screw holes in the stairs, but these will not be noticeable. Stairlifts are fitted very carefully, so if the stairlift were to be removed, you shouldn’t be able to see that it was there at all.

Take a look at our article How is a stairlift attached to the stairs? for a more in-depth explanation of this.

Is having a stairlift fitted messy, noisy or disruptive?

Stairlift engineers are careful to cause minimal disruption, aiming to get your home back to normal as soon as possible. A standard stairlift installation should only require a few hand tools and a hand drill, which is used to secure the brackets to the stair treads, so there won’t be constant banging and drilling for hours on end.

As discussed above, a standard straight stairlift can be installed in 1-2 hours, with more complex tracks taking just a few hours longer. Your stairlift engineer will also make sure to tidy up any mess before they go, leaving your home looking exactly as they found it.

Hopefully, many of your questions have now been answered, but if you would any questions or concerns about stairlifts and stairlift installation, speak to a member of our friendly team today.

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